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One of the worst things about the Black Sheep Summits we have held in the past is that, well, they end.

Yep, unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day and both Avocado and I run multiple businesses and are also busy prepping and planning for the upcoming struggles in the not-so-distant future.

Because of that we can only run 1  – 2 full Black Sheep Summits a year.

But so many of our Black Sheep have literally fallen in love with the events we created (not only because of all the awesome content we deliver but also because of the networking and camaraderie that the summit creates for you, the attendee) that they literally begged us to:


While we plan to do many more future Black Sheep Summits, it just was NOT enough for our hungry flock of black sheep. So Avocado and I put our heads together and we decided to build more of a community around the Black Sheep Summit, one that goes on all the time, with continuing education, monthly mini-summits, special guest educators and much, much more.

I am proud to introduce to you:

The Black Sheep Summit Society
Recurring Total: $77.60 / month
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Exclusive Monthly Calls with Avocado & Morpheus:

Immerse yourself in the secrets of preparedness with our illustrious hosts, Avocado and Morpheus Their wisdom is your secret weapon, designed to empower you with unparalleled insights for conquering any challenge.

Special Guest Experts:

Rub shoulders with luminaries who will catapult your self-reliance journey into the stratosphere. Gain VIP access to their life-altering knowledge and be the first to unlock their transformative insights each month.

FREE Access to All Future Live Events

Claim your spot in the inner circle and stay at the forefront of preparedness. Gain COMPLETELY FREE access to ALL upcoming live Black Sheep Summits (once you are still an active member of the BSSS), positioning yourself as a true pioneer and leader in the field.

The Telegram Elite Networking Group:

Connect with kindred spirits who share your ambition and vision. Our Telegram networking group is your gateway to a world of influence, collaboration, and strategic advantage. Meet your virtual and global Mutual Assistance Group.

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